Saturday, March 29, 2014

A @ 18 Months

Looking back at my last post that mentioned what A is able to do, he is growing and developing so quickly!

A can:
  • Walk with no problems. The otherday he was even taking a few steps backwards.
  • Loves books, especially rhymes. And stories with different voices and repetition like "3 Little Pigs", "Goldilocks and the three Bears" and "Chicken Licken"
  • We started Kindermuzik this year, in the beginning he could get a bit overwhelmed at times. But he's really getting into it now. Even immitating some of the actions we are doing.
  • He's vocabulary is growing, can say: amongst other words I'm forgetting: flower, avo, onion, "Old King Cole", puppy, alpacha, Ozzy.
  • He knows his body parts like eyes, head, nose, chin, mouth, teeth, face, hands, toes, etc.
  • Can make animal sounds, like gobble gobble and hee haw.
  • Pointing to mama and saying mama. It melts my heart!
  • He's copying things that we are doing. I was folding and putting away plastic bags. He took a bag himself and was scrunching it up and put it away in the cupboard.
  • He canget scared of loud animals and strange voices.
  • Can scribble with crayons, on paper, floor and walls.
  • HE had a small cold that come with a snotty nose. After a couple of times he actually gave me his nose to use the baby vac! Afterwards, he would pull it out of the vacuum cleaner and point to the sink for me to clean it.
  • Hates getting a check up at the doctor.

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