Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby solids combination 6-9 months

Thought I'd share my successful solid combinations I have been giving A for (almost) the past three months. So far it is purees but I have started to make them thincker/lumpier. From the end of the month we'll be introducing protein, gains and finger foods, so it will be a whole different ball game!

Here they are:
Beetroot + sweet potato
Papaya + avocado
Papaya + mango
Gemsquah + pear
Baby Marrow + sweet potato
Broccoli + sweet potato
Broccoli + pear
Mango + kiwi
Baby Marrow + sweet potato + date (just a bit for taste) + a pinch of nutmeg
Gemsquash + date (just a bit for taste)
Gemsquash + spinach +pear
Greenbeans + sweet potato

*Update* Here's some more before the food gets more substantial at 9 months.
Cauliflower + sweet potato + a pinch of nutmeg
Cauliflower + spinach + a pinch of nutmeg

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Felt needle book

I am on crafting roll. After doing the two big projects (alphabet and puppets). The needle book was quick and dirty. It is really a nice little project to do and it will help to keep me my craft supply organized. I was also able to make my first craft flower as an embellishment. I used this inspiration, except I used 6 petals instead of 4 and I put a cute button in the middle.

Anyway, here's my little book:

Would love to start on A's quiet book now. Already have a design in mind, maybe I'll make it into a template...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Felt Old McDonald Animal Puppets

I am so happy to say that I have completed this project. I stitched everything by hand, which took a while. I found a tutorial and pattern on just another day in paradise and really wanted to make it for A. The original tutorial said to use a sewing machine. Since I don't have one I had to hand stitch everything. I also improvised on some of the puppets. I left out the hooves because it looked a bit much when I started to stitch them on.

Anyway here some pics of my hard labour:

I'd love to make some wild animal puppets one day. Maybe some woodland and wild animals. I even thought I'd be nice to make people of different races. However, I need a break from making puppets and make something different. I'm already looking at a needle book and would also love to start a quiet book for A. Also maybe make some Christmas ornaments... Oh there's all these crafts but so little time!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Special Moments: Nighttime feedings

I never expected to co-sleep, but was quickly converted. It also took a while to get used to waking up in the middle of the night. But A is growing up before my eyes and before I know it will be sleeping in his own bed and not need me in the night anymore. So I want to treasure these cuddle times.

Special Moments: Following Mom

A is quiet an accomplished crawller and can go anywhere he pleases. But he always stays and plays close to me!