Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: Zanoni Dark Coconut and Lime Chocolate

I am a total cliche when it comes to chocolate. "Hi, my name is Natalie and I'm a chocoholic".  My go to chocolate has been Lindt, love almost all of their ranges, especially their dark chocolate (the salt, orange and coconut are my favourite). However, maybe you've noticed I'm trying to be more concious of the food I'm eating. I also want to go past the mass produced food and give the little/local guy a chance. And if I have to be honest Lindt is a bit over mass produced for my liking.

So I was at my local Spar looking for my next chocolate fix. And this new chocolate range caught my eye. The brand is called Zanoni from Chocola j and they had a range of dark chocolates: Coconut and Lime, Chilli, and Pear and Ginger. What was also cool that the packaging was clear so you could see the chocolate. It's produced locally and the list of ingredients was short, simple and sweet. So I thought I'd try it.

Now the taste, was really yummy, very smooth, chocolaty with a bit of texture and sweetness coming from the coconut. I could compare it to Lindt coconut dark chocolate, but the Zanoni chocolate flavour was more delicate and the coconut not as over powering as the Lindt. The added lime was working in the backround to compliment the flavours. I will definitely be buying the chocolate again and I highly recommend it to any chocoholic. I might even be adventurous and get the ginger and pear next!

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