Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Becomming a Mother - the First 5 Months

Wow can't believe how fast time has gone. I want to write some things down before the next 5 months wiz pass again.

I found on the one hand there was an instinct that kicked in, on the other hand it has been such a learning experience. It took A and I just under a week to learn to breastfeed, it wasn't instinctive and the midwives at the hospital had to help me. But at 5 months are still going strong!
My postpartum hospital experience was mixed. During delivery I had a wonderful midwife who was supporting and caring and helped me get breast feeding on the right track but after that the midwives wanted to do things their own way. On the second night at the hospital the midwives brought A to me to feed him. He wasn't feeding right so I started to burp him. The midwife appeared and told me he doesn't need to be burped, he needs to be fed. On cue A let out a lovely loud burp.

I fell in love with A as soon as they put him on me, but I feel that I truly bonded with him after about 6 weeks. Early on I struggled changing from a structured, in control life to give over myself completely to the needs of a little baby. At about 8 weeks I thought I needed to be in control so I read about a routine and tried to put it in place on day 2 we both ended up crying. I decided to just go with it and give him what he needs when he needs it and we've never looked back. Our routine developed naturally and we're both happy.

The biggest leasons that I learned so far:

Patience and Acceptance
Staying at home is the best decision I made.
Babies change quickly. Being a first time mom I thought A would be stuck to my breast 6 hours a day, now I have trouble getting him to stay on for 6 minutes straight. He gets so distracted.
I am used to interrupted sleep. Twice a night is nothing for me, but more then 3 is tough!
Since they grow so quickly I am living in the moment more, trying to take things more slowly. I love having A on my lap and we just hang out for the better part of the day.
I was too hard on myself in the beginning. It's okay to stay home some days!
Becoming a mother takes vanity out the window.
No one will ever love A as much as I do.
I think to have  the best motherhood experience one needs to know who you are, and know what your child needs.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Special Moments: The Origin of Pillows

I loved it when A was a couple of weeks old, he would use my bare breast as a pillow after feeding.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Broccoli Soup

I must admit, I'm a big Gordon Ramsay fan. I discovered him in the UK Nightmare Kitchen series during my marathon nursing sessions with A. I watched him make this soup on youtube and couldn't believe how easy it is. It is a great summer soup full of flavour.

Who knew broccoli soup could be so simple and delicious!

Head of Broccoli
2 liters water
salt and pepper to taste.

Chop one head of broccoli into florets.
Bring pot of water to boil.
Place in rapidly boiling water. Add salt, close lid. Let it cook for 4:00-4:30min.
Place florets in blender, add salt and pepper to taste.
Add about 2 ladles (about a cup) of the water the broccoli was boiled in.
Blend until smooth.

See Ramsay make the recipe here:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Special Moments: The Look of Love

We were driving somewhere and I was sitting in the back seat with A. I was a long day so I was looking at him, smiling and singing "You are my sunshine" (his favourite song). He was looking back at me smiling with a look of love in his eyes.

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Garden

I'm a total noob when it comes to gardening. When we moved to our house 3 years ago it was the first time I would have a garden. Sadly the only plants I could identify were the roses (and the lawn LOL). Yes, I had to learn from scratch! The garden was also very neglected and required a lot of work. It was neglected again when I became pregnant.

Now I hope to work on the garden during nap times. I plan on bringing in more indigenous plants since I figure they will be easier to care for and won't require so much watering. I also hope to start a herb garden.

I can actually identify a few plants now!

Front garden:
Delicious Monster
Aztec Grass
Mondo Grass
Agapanthus (white)
Wild Iris
Wild Garlic
Cat's Tail

The back garden has two flower beds. One in front of the house, the other is near the boundry wall.
In front of the house I have:
a pond:

By the boundry wall I have:
Karee Tree
Arum Lilies
Mondo Grass