Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A's baptism

A had a Catholic baptism just over a week ago. It was also a sort of his coming out since quiet a few people came that have not yet seen him. A behaved like an angel the whole day.

I was actually stressing quiet a bit about the baptism but everything worked out in the end. The priest was easy going and did a lovely service. Sometimes the priests want you to jump through hoops. I also stressed about the flowers for the restaurant after the service. The first florist was very overpriced. I considered doing the flowers myself. On a whim I got another quote and got exactly what I wanted for a great price. The colours I thought of for a boys baptism was white, blue and a touch of peach. (thanks pinterest). Here's my amateur photo of the table:

The day of the baptism was busy. It didn't help that A had a bad night and I only fell asleep at 4am. It reminded me of my wedding day but it included taking care of the baby. Next time I would advise having someone be the coordinator. Because I don't think the restaurant gave all the food I ordered. And they were supposed to put up labels for the food but they didn't. At least people raved about the dessert, so it ended well.

If I have another baptism I would want to remember the following:
  • Get a professional photographer. It really is a special day, I compare it to a mini wedding.
  • I wish I stood a bit closer to DH when A was being baptized. DH held him.
  • Get EVERYTHING ready the day before. I didn't have time to change purses in the morning.
  • Have more food!
  • Have someone be the coordinator on the day so that I can just take care of the kids and and talk to people.
  • Hand out maps to the restaurant at the church