Sunday, December 22, 2013

End of 2013

It's almost the end of the year and I've really neglected this blog. But a lot has happened.

A turned 1! I've said it once, I'll say it again. Time goes so quickly and it's so bittersweet. It's wonderful to watch him grow and can't wait what he'll do next but I miss cuddling my sweet baby! And were still breastfeeding my goal was 1 year but it is just such a part of our relationship, why stop now? My next goal is two years.

After his birthday we did over 30 hours of travelling to the US (Chicago) to visit my mom. It was the first time she saw him, other than skype. She really enjoyed him :) Then we did 30 hours back. The travelling was very painful. I would not atempt a trip like that again until he's at least 5. But I'm glad we went.

The other huge thing that happened is that we bought, did some renovations and moved into a house! It is our third night here and we are enjoying it so much. It was really getting crampt in our small two bedroom place. I hope I'll get inspired to blog more.
Our new home sweet home:

The major things we did to the house are:
Put in a brand new kitchen.
Changed all the basins in the bathrooms as well as the mixers.
Put in bamboo flooring in almost the whole house.
The upstairs had hardwood under the carpet, so we took that out.
Repainted the house.
Put in a gat by the pool.

Anyway some stats on A as the year draws to a close:
He has 6 teeth, top 2 middle, 1 top molar on each side and 2 bottom middle. I'm starting to get worried about the incisors.
He can say a few words: Bahboo=baloon, dahdee=daddy, Ahmah=Hammer (the car), says bah for most things like boat and bum. And of course mama if he wants something. Oh for got he also tries to say google :)
He isn't walking yet only takes a step or two maybe once a day.
He can touch his head, hair, tummy, mouth, ear, and nappy if asked where it is.
is learning to use a spoon.
Can climb stairs.

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