Sunday, December 22, 2013

Baby solids 9 months+

As I'm sure most new mothers have done it, I had a certain idea how I wanted to do solids from 9 months but A showed me another way. When he hit 9 months I bought organic gluten free kiddies pasta and I made a sauce with spinach and goats cheese. It took a bit of effort to plan and make. He took one bite of it and threw the rest on the floor.

So I decided that he'll eat what we eat. I did change our food a bit and made things he was familiar with, I also started to add protein like beans, cheese, chicken and lamb. I always tried to have extra veggies in the fridge in case we were eating something I did not want to feed him (like pizza). In the morning I fed him millet cereal with cooked apple/pear. I also tried my best not to give him anything with salt, sugar or that was processed. Also, apart from breakfast I let him feed himself.

His first taste of sugar was his birthday cake, cheesecake and he really enjoyed it! Since his birthday I have relaxed more and he has had some more sweet things, he loves ice cream and chocolate. And also some pizza! Although I have kept him away from sugary drinks, chips and sugary sweets.

I think he eats well. He really enjoys his fruit, especially nectarines and grapes. He has recently discovered mango again. He also eats his veggies especially beetroot, butternut and gem squash. I really can't complain the way he eats.

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