Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Felt alphabet

In my previous career my days involved staring at a screen, writing word documents and meetings, nothing involving hand made things. When I was pregnant I started thinking about crafts and things I could make for A. I was envious of friends who could knit or crochet.

When I came upon this diy felt abc's tutorial from http://www.hellobee.com, I saw my solution, how fun, making an alphabet! I was introduced to felt and a bit of sewing in school, probably grade 5, during art class. I took on this project during my maternity leave. It took a while one of the reasons was because my hands were not used to physical labour!

Here are some points on what I learnt:
  • I should have traced the letters facing down on the felt. Some letters show the outline I did.
  • I used five colours of felt, during the project I wished I had at least six to have more variety.
  • I used a chop stick to stuff the letters with fibre.
  • Photography is not my strong point.


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