Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Felt Old McDonald Animal Puppets

I am so happy to say that I have completed this project. I stitched everything by hand, which took a while. I found a tutorial and pattern on just another day in paradise and really wanted to make it for A. The original tutorial said to use a sewing machine. Since I don't have one I had to hand stitch everything. I also improvised on some of the puppets. I left out the hooves because it looked a bit much when I started to stitch them on.

Anyway here some pics of my hard labour:

I'd love to make some wild animal puppets one day. Maybe some woodland and wild animals. I even thought I'd be nice to make people of different races. However, I need a break from making puppets and make something different. I'm already looking at a needle book and would also love to start a quiet book for A. Also maybe make some Christmas ornaments... Oh there's all these crafts but so little time!

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  1. They turned out incredible and I am beyond impressed that you sewed them by hand!