Monday, April 29, 2013

Breastfeeding friendly places in Pretoria

I feed A only from the breast. In the last 7 months he had a bottle of expressed milk 3 times. However, I find it hard to feed in public. I'm rather shy about it and the one time I tried at a restaurant it was a disaster. He didn't like the blanket over his face, I couldn't see what was happening under the blanket and the waitress starring at us wasn't helping.

I sometimes breastfeed in the car before we leave or when we comeback, so glad we have tinted windows! It is such a pleasure when there are places for breastfeeding. So far here are some I came across in Pretoria East:

Woodlands Mall
I was very impressed when I found out there are special feeding rooms in the mall. It makes it so stress free to do a longer shopping trip. There are two rooms by the toilets between Truworths a Cape Union and one room by the toilets next to CNA, although on one occasion the room was locked.

Cappuccino's at The Grove
We come here a lot since we had A they have a very nice baby changing room with a booth seat for feeding.

Blos Cafe
They have a clearly marked feeding room with a sofa. Love that place! It's one of the big reasons we're doing A's Baptism there. The place is on Lynnwood opposite Presley's, behind all the small buildings, a hidden gen.

Menlyn Shopping Center
I've only been to their family bathroom next to Dros. At least they had a plastic chair, better than nothing I guess.

Farm Inn
We were there for a family function. Their family bathroom had a wicker chair. Again better than nothing. The place is quiet child friendly with jumping castles and a petting zoo.

Botanical Garden's
We found a secluded spot for a picnic and I had no problems nursing almost in the open. It actually felt pretty good doing it in nature.

Parkview Center
They don't have chairs in the family room. But they have a row of ottoman's in front of mirrors in the ladies bathroom. I have sat in the last one and turned my back and fed A.

I hope there are more places around and I will add if I find them.

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